Country Inn and Suites Cape Canaveral 1/21/2023 room 203. (2023)


Country Inn and Suites Cape Canaveral 1/21/2023 room 203. see for more cruising/travel information and to follow our "Living the Dream" adventures. See for a video of this hotel 9 years ago. The hotel is so much nicer now, but the breakfast has gone downhill since this video.


Hi this is Dolores from D's times and we are in Cape Canaveral.

It's Saturday January 21st.

Tomorrow we're going to be boarding, The Wonder of the Seas January 22nd for back to back for two weeks, and then after that we will be going a side to side and going on MSC Maravilla, it's basically Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean.

There's a few Bailey's is like the only Port that we've never been to plus.

When we get to Puerto Rico, we are doing a rainforest tour which we've never done before.

So this is a great hotel.

It is the Country Inn and Suites, and we've stayed here before we stayed here.

A lot I haven't done.

I did a video years ago and get a connect to it, but since then they have remodeled the hotel.

It's a great hotel.

Prices are good.

You leave your car here.

The shuttle service is good.

When you get off the ship, they pick you up real, quick, it's really nice.

The breakfast is nice.

Everything about this hotel is nice.

I can't say enough good about this hotel, so I would highly recommend it I'm going to switch flip.

You around and show you around.

Okay: here you go so when you park you park out here in their outer parking lot and you get a little thing for your window, so they know that you're, a cruise Parker.

We did um pay 69 for an additional week for the back to back.

We are going to come back pick up the car and park it at the port for the last truce with the MSC maravia, but it is a lot less expensive to leave it in this parking lot.

It's like 69 for the cruise parking we paid about 308 dollars for um tonight and then to leave the car for 14 days.

You can't beat that so here we are parked for today in the front of the Country, Inn and Suites.

This is the closest hotel to the cruise port um.

Since we started cruising, a lot of different hotels have gone up originally.

This was the only hotel.

Now we've got some Marriotts next door.

We've got the Homewood Suites across the street, but originally when we first started coming down here, this was the only cruise port.

So, let's give you a little uh tour, so it's a nice looking Hotel and here we go so we'll go in very nice colors on the outside.

There's some nice seats outside, so we're just walking up.

It's very warm here and I have a sweatshirt on hello.

So most people that stay here are taking cruises today.

There's a lot of people here for the Chris, Disney, Magic I think it's called because they have a chartered cruise and it's a.

What do you call a music Cruise, so they've got coffee tea, it's very good! Coffee actually, and people are very nice at the desk.

That's a young lady who took care of us and in the morning we have your breakfast in here and your cruise Shadow you meet down a roam down the end.

You arrange it the day before we have an 11 o'clock.

Shuttle will takes you about five minutes to get there, so here's where they serve breakfast very nice breakfast area.

Right of course you go in there to get all your food, so the pool area is very nice.

We're not going to go outside, but it's very nice.

It is like 70 degrees here right now: um cloudy overcast um, but so there it is, they do serve a nice breakfast so tomorrow morning, we'll have breakfast here.

Um and outside here is a ladies room and men's room when we get off the cruise ship and they bring us back with the shadow we usually run in here, and we get some ice and there's no problem with that fill up our cooler and head home.

So we are on the second floor, I'm going to take you up the stairs.

It's a really nice stair stairway going up.

So here we go.

There's the stairway and it's really nice actually look at the paint job, that's kind of like we're doing, but this is green instead of black, but look how wonderful I love it.

So, let's go up these stairs and we'll head to the second floor.

The room is outrageous.

They gave us I like the colors this hotel.

So here we go so there's where the elevators come up, but we're gonna go down here and you do go through like a soundproofing door.

It's very clean, Hotel hi! It's like the never-ending hallway, though, but very clean.

The uh hallway is very lit up.

Here's your laundry service right down from us! So that's nice! Here we go you're into it.

Here's a room here! Look at this room.

The rooms are huge.

It's not just your standard hotel room, it's much much bigger! We are in two or three.

Actually the room is much more than we would actually need.

Let's see if I can knock, hopefully, he'll open it and I don't have to dig for my key, but if I have to dig for my key I have to dig for my key I should have had this ready right.

This is called disorganization here it is here we are to grab my purse before.

Okay, here we are so when you come in.

Look at this look at how huge this place is the bathroom.

So this room, this hallway like is dark, but the bathroom is so light and bright.

Look how clean nice bright, I love that it's so bright compared to the Hilton Garden Inn last night.

This is just really bright, very well lit.

So then, you come down very dark in this area, but you got your closet, it's a little seed.

I! Guess you can move that around look at this a little separate area with two little beds and a TV can't beat that look at that very cool half walls right and, of course, you got your comedy little coffee pot.

It's pretty lit up here, microwave a little microwave drawers refrigerator.

A really nice mirror very lit up here.

Tv, look at this nice bed chair I, want to take that chair home, put it on the top of my stairs in the hallway I, think that would be nice, nice lamp and we are overlooking the pool so there's a couple people in the hot tub, but basically nobody's out there so remember when I took you into the breakfast room: that's over there! So look! It's just it's great! We've come here! One time if you wanted to see like any of the shuttles taking off.

This is a great place to see the shuttles taken off nice and then we have a little table.

This is a great room.

There you go so I'm gonna! Go back by the front door and I'll, say: I would highly recommend this hotel, Country, Inn and Suites uh Cape Canaveral Port Canaveral.

They have an excellent beautiful rooms.

The people are nice, the breakfast is nice and there's shuttle service is outrageous so and the price is pretty good.

So that's it! That's where we're at we're at tomorrow.

We're headed on to wonder the Seas.

Okay, talk to you later, bye.

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