Malcolm-Jamal Warner Service Former Spouse Even after Finish Wedded life; Is actually He Relationship Some other Wife Or Single? (2023)

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Service Former Spouse Even after Finish Wedded life; Is actually He Relationship Some other Wife Or Single?

Relationship is a thing that not only attach two different people; they attach two souls also. Although one is done with their wedding and no prolonged would like to feel on spouse, they continue to have a mellow spot with the former companion.

Today let’s address the type of thread star Malcolm-Jamal Warner shares along with his old boyfriend-spouse following end of the matrimony. And additionally, see if they have already been dating someone recently.

Warner Support His Girlfriend Even after Its Split:

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is actually one that is proficient at heart, in which he isn’t a person who wants to keep tough thinking on the somebody. A typical example of that is certainly seen via their relationship with their ex boyfriend-partner, who is not any longer fastened when you look at the a nuptial knot which have Warner.

The man isn’t a huge lover from talking about their individual life and you can relationship which is why no extreme items of facts about the fresh big date of the marriage therefore the details of this new passing of one’s connection were shown. But anything most of the know is the fact that a couple of are close friends and also in new series, Understand Between the Contours, these people were also viewed with her toward-display screen.

“Really, the bulk of that work extremely been which have Felicia Henderson. Felicia was hired in order to sort of redevelop new inform you in the place of Tracee, very she met with the greatest activity. For me personally, a lot of it absolutely was believing this lady. Because the I do believe if there’s anybody who met with the greatest doubts on-not really much when it comes to my personal capacity to do the inform you, but just the biggest question from the method that you improve let you know work-it had been myself.”

“The greatest reaction of somebody-whether anybody appreciated new tell you or hated the brand new reveal or believe it had been ok-is actually that the most sensible thing regarding the inform you is the fresh new chemistry anywhere between Tracee and that i. Therefore i was really doubtful. If the every person believes one to that is the most sensible thing in regards to the inform you, you’re taking that away, after that how can you remain this new tell you? Therefore i consider Felicia very met with the most significant difficulty. This woman is a very strong inform you-runner, a very solid music producer, came in and you can is actually most invested in the brand new reveal away from date one.”

Really, the two have phenomenal biochemistry between the two, together with a couple of come in an excellent terms and conditions also because the Warner’s public postings recommend. Previously when you’re collaborating within the 2016, Malcolm published an excellent collage offering their ex boyfriend-wife.

From captions throughout the photo, Malcolm indicated that he still offers an admiration getting their girlfriend even with the end of its relationships. The guy and additionally conveyed which he got “pleasure” coping with the woman. The guy had written,

“Hangin’ w new old boyfriend-spouse. Larger community. Bigger reveal. The woman is doin’ new really Thang. is truly colombian cupid-bezoekers among the greatest female I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside. The best thing about the latest Reed Amongst the Outlines feel so you can all of us, try one another. And you may awesome congrats to the Emmy nomination, yo! You are slayin’ it. Furious a?¤ for your requirements!”

Is The guy Relationship Otherwise Seeing Someone Today?

The two first started dating back in 2011, so there had been gossip your two-ended some thing right up again when you look at the 2013. However, Regina herself showed up onward and you can revealed that she and you can Warner had been all excellent.

Brand new tweet silenced the gossip you to definitely appeared in the past, however, no-one understands what they are to date. Evidently it separated once the Malcolm provides receive love having others.

Warner is obviously men from nutshell when it comes to his or her own lifestyle, which means, he has perhaps not started ahead so you’re able to describe it, that’s the reason no big completion regarding their matchmaking was achieved.

Additionally, Malcolm-Jamal Warner was a student in a romance having Karen Malina Light (2000 – 2007) with Michelle Thomas (1988 – 1998), whom passed away of cancer inside the 1988 . Their much time girlfriends’ checklist signifies that he has never lacked women inside the existence which actually shuts every gay hearsay that frequently encircle Warner.

Moreover, Malcolm-Jamal Warner showed that he previously a good smash on the their into-screen cousin Lisa Bonet from the Cosby Tell you. Hmm, Sly!

“We had been therefore close-in ages. However,, you know, We never really had an attempt. You only see. At the thirteen, 14, you realize if you have a go or otherwise not, even at that decades. She actually is chill. Lisa and i, we have for ages been cool.”

When you are coming on Rachel Ray Show, into the 2018 the guy talked at length on the their members of the family lifetime and you can the way in which he recognized Halloween together with lovable d. He talked about the picture covering up the faces however, discussing you to definitely everyone dressed particularly skunks.

Since listeners professionals gushed in regards to the images, they dissolved its hearts when he revealed that they would don elephant costumes within the Halloween party 2018.

The brand new talented star continued to include that he existed a good breathtaking lifetime and could well be a trick so you can grumble about things.

Connection with Statement Cosby

Brand new talented star got his start as Theo Huxtable into Cosby Show on the 80s and you will 90s struck let you know. Needless to say, the guy common a connection with notorious Statement Cosby.

Surprisingly, he had been in experience of the brand new alleged abuser as he was going through the legal proceeding. Over the brand new stained child, he found about being family unit members which have Bill’s people Aaron and you can Ennis.

Embraces Basic Kids

Really, immediately after their group of recognized relationship, Malcolm shares love together with lover. Although not, he stays totally mum in terms of discussing exactly who he offers the relationship having. Specific offer provides reported that this woman is a Connecticut-established attorneys.

His silence whenever concerns nearest and dearest is actually yes something since he’s got welcomed parenthood with his mate within the 2017 but has never revealed their infant in order to his fans. No matter if the guy posts photos out of their infant sometimes, the guy doesn’t reveal this new little one’s deal with every time merely such as the mother out-of his son.

Well, it seems like he favors the fresh new silence and you may puzzle certainly their fans with regards to his family relations. Really, the guy yes possess been successful in common their nearest and dearest lifetime out of the latest hustle of one’s news.

The Citizen

Malcolm-Jamal Warner alongside Glenn Morshower is signed while the collection regulars having 12 months 2 of the Fox scientific drama, New Resident. Brand new star starred the new repeated character towards the Season 1 regarding The new Citizen, ahead of their venture.


Who is Malcolm-Jamal Warner's ex wife? ›

Does Malcolm-Jamal Warner have a family? ›

Is Malcolm Warner married? ›

He is married with a daughter, and has not disclosed his wife's or their child's name publicly citing privacy concerns.

How long did Malcolm-Jamal Warner date Michelle Thomas? ›

Michelle and Malcolm dated for five years during the early 90's. The romance between them blossomed even after the actress left the Cosby show in 1990. They were the go-to adorable couple in the industry at the moment, as the viewers loved seeing them together and taking their on-screen chemistry to real life.

Who is the mother of Malcolm-Jamal Warner? ›

Television actor and television director Malcolm-Jamal Warner was born on August 18, 1970 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Warner was raised by his mother, Pamela Warner, in California where he became interested in acting at the age of nine.

Did Michelle Thomas pass away? ›

Does Malcolm Warner have children? ›

Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner and his wife have a beautiful five-year-old daughter. After his ex-girlfriend Michelle's mother disclosed the news to the media, he verified the birth on Instagram by posting a photo of himself touching his wife's baby bump.

Is Theo from Cosby Show on the resident? ›

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is probably best known for playing Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show. His performance led to an Emmy Award nomination when he was just 16 years-old. Warner is also an accomplished poet, musician, Grammy Award-winner and star of the Fox show The Resident which just concluded its fourth season.

Who is Shirley's ex husband community? ›

Andre Bennett, "Asian Population Studies". Andre Bennett is the ex-husband of Shirley Bennett.

Was Brenda Warner married before? ›

Image of Was Brenda Warner married before?
Kurtis Eugene Warner is an American former football quarterback who played in the National Football League for 12 seasons, primarily with the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals.

How much is Theo from The Cosby Show worth? ›

Malcolm Jamal Warner Almost Missed Out On The Cosby Show

The passage of time is evident now that Malcolm Jamal Warner, who played Theo, has reached adulthood. At 52 years old, he is currently enjoying all aspects of life as a Grammy-nominated musician and father with a net worth of $15 million.

What age is Brenda Warner? ›

What happen to Michelle Thomas? ›

Unfortunately, on December 23, 1998, Thomas died surrounded by her family and friends in New York City at Manhattan's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, at the age of 30. On December 26, 1998, a Muslim funeral service was held (as per her request). She was buried at the Rosedale Cemetery in Orange, New Jersey.

Did Michelle Thomas have any children? ›

She passed away before she had any children. Miss Talented Teen New Jersey in Hal Jackson's Talented Teen Competition. She went on to compete in the international pageant in Jamaica and was crowned International Queen in 1985. Daughter of Dennis D.T. Thomas and Phynjuar.

Who is Malcolm from The Cosby Show married to? ›

Malcolm has never been married. But he's been in not one, not two, but three pretty serious relationships with fellow actors. Early in his career, Malcolm had a blossoming romance with the Family Matters star Michelle Thomas.

Does Karen Malina White have children? ›

Personal life. White has never married and has no children.

Who is Malcolm Jerome Warner's wife? ›

Malcolm has never been married. But he's been in not one, not two, but three pretty serious relationships with fellow actors. Early in his career, Malcolm had a blossoming romance with the Family Matters star Michelle Thomas.

Who was David Warner married to? ›

Image of Who was David Warner married to?
Candice Ann Warner is an Australian retired professional ironwoman and surf life saver.

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