Stanley FatMax 1000 Peak Amp Power Station w/ Digital Gauge with Rick Domeier (2024)


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Person because every vehicle and every home should have a power source.

This isn't just any.

This is from stanley a brand that's been around 171 years making great top.

Of the.

Line tools and this is their fat max they're top of the line what is it it's a 1 000 peak amp power station you can jump start your four six and eight cylinder engines with this without another vehicle by simply using these jumper cables and you won't have any sparks and we'll show you why in a little bit but it's also a power station if the power goes out remember last winter all the ice storms well now with this is charged up you've got two ac outlets you could plug a tv and a radio you could plug in a lamp have light whatever else you need you also have a dc source and through this dc you can charge this car not only from your home outlet but in the car while you're driving so if you do have a power outage like we did.

Last winter and my stanley fat max eventually uh was drained.

I just went in my car drove around a while and charged it back up.

You have an ac compressor.

You can pump up all your tires on all your vehicles, all your sports balls.

You have a work light built into this and you've got a new digital control.

This is an amazing item and your price is 142.38 on our easy payment plan for monthly payments of 3560.

The item number is v32890.

This is a gift that keeps on giving if you use it one time to jumpstart a vehicle, it's paid for your itself and my guest knows that howard irvine is representing family.

How are you, how are you doing good? How about yourself doing very well? You've brought us a lot of great tools over the years.

Yes, but this can jump start a car even without another vehicle.

I don't have to call a tow truck.

So if I use it one time it's almost paid for itself, oh yeah and think about the your safety and security and the peace of mind.

You're gonna have knowing that this is in your car so that when you get in there and you expect that car to start every day and when the day that it doesn't it's a terrible feeling, it is, and if it's a bad day, if you don't have this, you could be waiting an hour and a half for roadside assistance.

You could have to ask a stranger, then you could have to use jumper cables and you have to know how to use those jumper cables, because if you hook them up wrong yeah, you could cause damage to the battery the car even injure yourself, but not with the stanley fat max, because it's protected even though has a thousand peak amps.

You don't have to worry about how you're hooking it up.

I'm going to put it on incorrectly on purpose.

Okay, to show you that the stanley fat max is going to let you know it's going to beep at you and it's going to show you a little symbol of a battery flashing, letting you know you've got them on backwards, so you simply switch them.

You haven't hurt the battery.

You haven't hurt the unit and you haven't injured yourself.

The nice thing about this new digital display is that it tells you when you have it right yeah as soon as it starts with the right.

The engine symbol is flashing.

The battery status is lit up, letting you know.

There's charging the battery, then you're ready to turn the keyless safety switch to on and get in and start your car immediately you're, not recharging the battery you're jump, starting it just like in other cars here, but without the other car and with all the safety, and that's just one part of your car, but that's the most important I've been a hero, jump starting some of my daughter's friends who came over from college and their car wouldn't start, but also for our tires.

Yes, it has the new sure fit tip on the end of the hose, which is just threaded onto your valve stem finger tight.

You don't have to worry about that difficult to install and then the digital gauge will give you auto shut off.

So you see right there.

The solid number is the pressure in the tire.

The flashing number is the pressure you have it set at.

Oh, so you can set it at whatever you like, and then simply press the compressor button again and it's going to turn on once it's on it's going to shut off automatically when it gets to the pressure you set.

You don't have to worry about getting down there and reading this little gauge or checking those little dial gauges, and it's going to remember that pressure so that when you go around to the other three tires, you can set them all the same, and when you put this in your car a month later, it's still going to know the pressure that you set.

So you always have it for your car ready to go it's error-free and how much easier could it get so you're not going to over inflate your tires? This is amazing.

This is the stanley fat max.

Let's take you through some of the key features, starting with that jumpstart can, I jump start most of my vehicles.

Yes, a thousand peak amps, it's four six, eight cylinder engines.

So your light trucks, cars, vans, suvs is going to start them all and even your lawn mowers, yes, absolutely 120 psi compressor everything stores in that little compartment.

You pull the hose out it threads right onto your valve stem.

So it's very easy.

The digital display is great because it has the auto shut off.

No reading the valve no reading.

Once you set it it knows, then you have the multiple power outlets, so you have your 12 volt your usb, and then you have 500 watts of 120 volt power, that's just like in the wall at home and when it runs out in a power fail you put in your car recharge it.

While you drive now look at the manufacturer's suggested retail price 219.99 we're way below that at 142.38 tonight, four: easy payments, uh with a credit card and that's available to anyone using a major credit card.

We accept even if you've, never shopped this before 3560 a month over the next four months, but you get it right away.

You were just showing us the word.

Yes, it's the led light on the back, and it's right on the business end, where you're going to jump start and when your air compressor hose is going to come out and the accessory storage you'll be able to see what you're doing when it's dark out, and one thing I didn't mention uh, you got two ac outlets, the dc, but there's a usb too.

There is it's right under there, too, it's controlled by the little usb button, and what would I use that for charging up any of your cell phones, your tablets, anything that's a usb device you'll be able to basically recharge anything.

You want.

It comes with the vehicle charger.

It comes with the three inflation accessories for sports balls, beach, inflatables, even racing bicycles and recharging.

We've talked about all the ways it's going to save us when you have a dead battery, when you have a flat tire when the power goes out, you do need to recharge it.

The cube is built right in so you don't have to worry about where you've put this little cube.

That comes with a lot of rechargeables yeah me too, plug any extension cord right on there and if you don't have one they've, even included one and it stores right in the compartment with the other accessories, the 32 890 for emergencies.

This is about peace of mind.

Knowing you have a power source, you can even rub a blunder great for tailgating and we've had calls people saying with their power tools.

They have a big piece of property yeah and they can't run a cord that long.

They can use this and plug right into the circuit.

They can I've done that I've recharged, my rechargeable tools when I was out in the battery charger.

Far from the outlets tvs lights, clock radios be able to stay in touch with people, because your phone will be charged up during a power outage.

Isn't this the perfect gift for that hard to buy? It really is because we all need it, and you remember, last winter, don't you howard? Yes, we had power outages all over.

We did if you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a generator and deal with gas and oil.

This is a great home source.

Now, howard, we did have a question.

How often do I charge it, and once I charge it, how long will that charge hold right when you get it home, put it on for 48 hours? You cannot overcharge it.

It's protected so plug it in as long as you like.

After that, you only need to recharge it every 30 days to top it off, not because it's dead just to top it off, so it's always ready or if you use it.

So if you inflate your tires or jump start your car recharge, your phone then recharge your fat max.

So it's always ready.

Okay, howard, we have 20 seconds.

Can you show us how to jump it? Really? I certainly can't 20 seconds.

This is the thing that intimidates most people, and maybe you think I can't do that.

What you can I'm going to put on incorrectly on purpose, to show you that you're not going to hurt anything, it's going to tell you when you have it wrong, it's going to beep and a little symbol is going to light up when you have it on correctly.

It's going to tell you that too, so you know you've got it right now.

The engine symbol is flashing.

The voltage is lit up.

So you turn the keyless safety switch to on start your car and go two or three minutes you're on your way, good job.

My friend thanks dan stay on the line, great gift for everyone, really uh, 142 38 your feature price, it's exclusive to qvc.

At this time, v32890 142.38 or.

Stanley FatMax 1000 Peak Amp Power Station w/ Digital Gauge with Rick Domeier (2024)


How long does the battery last on the Stanley Fatmax? ›

Although the Fatmax retains charge up to 12 months without recharging, the instructions recommend recharging it every three months if it's not in use. The battery lasts around one hour on the highest setting and seven hours on the lowest setting.

Will a Stanley Fatmax charge a car battery? ›

The Stanley FATMAX BC8S, 8 Amp car battery charger is the perfect worry-free solution for keeping your 6-Volt or 12-Volt batteries charged up and topped off year-round.

How long does it take to charge a Stanley Fatmax battery? ›

CHARGING TIME: Charge 18V STANLEY® FATMAX® V20 1.5Ah batteries in 22 minutes, 2.0Ah batteries in 30 minutes and 4.0Ah batteries in 60 minutes. PART OF THE NEW 18V STANLEY® FATMAX® V20 CORDLESS SYSTEM: Power all your V20 tools with a common new & improved 18V Lithium Ion battery to let you power through work with ease.

How long does it take to fully charge a Stanley Jumpit 1000? ›

Cable gauge6AC
FeaturesAccessory Outlets, Reverse Polarity Protection, Safety SwitchWork Light
Peak Amps100017.5 lb
Recharge time (min.)28819

How long does it take to charge a Stanley power station? ›

The Stanley Fatmax arrives partially charged—the instructions recommend that it be charged to full power before you first use it. Recharging time takes around four hours, and then it's ready to go.

How do you tell if a car battery will hold a charge? ›

Test Voltage

Determine if your battery is within the healthy voltage range. Fully charged, it should read 12.6 volts or higher. At 12.4 volts it'll still start your car, but is only about 75 percent charged. If it reads 12.0 volts or lower, that's a sign that the battery could be weak and might keep losing its charge.

Will a 12 volt battery charger charge a car battery? ›

Car batteries usually hold 48 amps, so it will take about 12 hours to reach a full charge using a 12 volt charger. It takes around 30 minutes for an electric vehicle to charge to 80%.

Can I drive my car to charge battery? ›

Yes, you can charge a car battery from driving. Yes, the alternator does charge the battery — if you're driving at highway speeds. Otherwise, the alternator is busy. All the onboard electronics, from your AC to the little lights on your roll-up windows, run on the alternator.

How do you determine how long a battery will take to charge? ›

The easiest but least accurate way to estimate charge time is to divide battery capacity by charge current. However, battery capacity can also be expressed in milliamp hours (mAh), watt hours (Wh) and kilowatt hours (kWh).

How do you check how long a battery will last? ›

To find battery lifetime, divide the battery capacity by the average device current consumption over time. You can then break it down into where: The average is the sum of the amount of current consumed when collecting data, scaled by the ratio of time that the device is collecting data.

How long does a battery jump box last? ›

1) Typically, a modern lithium battery's lifespan is 2–3 years, which is about 300 to 500 fully charge cycles as rated by manufacturers. 2) This doesn't mean that your jump starter will die or won't work after 2–3 years.

How long does a hero battery last? ›

GoPro batteries last between 60-90 minutes with the following settings. Continual video shooting in 4K or 5.3K with no other features turned on. And the battery is fully charged, warm, and brand new.

How long do portable battery stations last? ›

The lifespan of a portable power station depends on the model and battery technology used, but most can last up to 12 months without use. Over time, battery capacity may decrease, requiring replacement.

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