TikTok Trends — Including Mob Wife and Quiet Luxury — Are Influencing Engagement Rings (2024)

TikTok trends are coming to an engagement ring near you.

Quiet luxury and the mob wife aesthetic, two of the biggest fashion trends on social media, are influencing the bridal market now, too.

While the trends are on either side of the style spectrum — with quiet luxury exuding a subtle, understated opulence and the mob wife aesthetic centering on bold, borderline-gaudy designs — brides are using both concepts for engagement ring inspiration.

“It’s similar to how these trends are making an impact on what makeup people wear or what clothing people wear,” said Olivia Landau, founder of New York-based jeweler The Clear Cut.“That’s a little bit more extreme and people can experiment and wear their makeup a certain way or wear their fur coats this season, but for engagement rings it’s more of a subtle nod to the trend because brides want something that’s going to be timeless and classic through at least the next five to 10 years without changing their setting and definitely a diamond they’re going to love.”

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TikTok Trends — Including Mob Wife and Quiet Luxury — Are Influencing Engagement Rings (1)

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The Clear Cut and other specialty jewelers are seeing brides incorporate their own interpretations on both aesthetics into their engagement rings. The quiet luxury trend is still going strong —it was a dominant engagement ring trend last year — and jewelers said an array of diamond cuts fall in line with the aesthetic.

“We are seeing [quiet luxury] in terms of minimalistic and simplistic designs being very much requested,” said Nicole Wegman, the founder and chief executive officer of Ring Concierge. “It’s really all about placing the emphasis on the diamond and less on the setting, which is very quiet luxury — having a really nice, big white diamond and a really simple setting. It appears as it’s not particularly over the top or you are trying to be overt, but ultimately you are because your diamond is big.”

Jewelers said quiet luxury’s popularity has translated into brides gravitating toward solitaire engagement rings, with little to no ornamentation in the forms of side stones or halo details.

TikTok Trends — Including Mob Wife and Quiet Luxury — Are Influencing Engagement Rings (3)

Brides looking for the quiet luxury vibe are gravitating toward elongated diamond shapes, like ovals, emeralds and marquises. Jewelers highlighted old mined and European cuts as other popular styles that give an “old money” vibe, and said heirloom diamonds are another go-to option.

“It’s taking the diamond itself, but then having your own kind of personalization and interpretation of it that suits your story,” said Kristina Buckley Kayel, managing director and chief marketing officer at the Natural Diamond Council, on quiet luxury. “The U.S. market unlike any other market — Europe or even Asia — we’re the market that likes the bigger diamond, which is why quiet luxury had such a moment because it’s actually about the quality. It’s not about the size. What I do find is that people automatically feel, especially with a natural diamond, the larger the size, the more expensive it gets and people feel it’s more rare and so on.”

The toi et moi style, which often pairs an heirloom stone with a newer diamond, has been declining in popularity, according to Brilliant Earth cofounder Beth Gerstein, who said the buzzy style is on the “down trend.”

While it’s newer —surfacing early this year on social media —the mob wife aesthetic is making a substantial impact on engagement ring preferences already, posing a stark contrast to quiet luxury. The trend lends itself to chunky gold bands, bezel styles, large diamonds and side stones.

“The way we’re seeing it is more of a modern interpretation of what you would think of a mob wife,” Landau said. “We’ve seen recently a big trend for larger three stone rings, so that’s something that can kind of nod to the mob wife aesthetic — like radiant cuts with larger trapezoids or emerald cuts with big traps or pear shapes with tapered baguettes — so things that might be traditionally a little bit more of a mature engagement ring, but now younger brides are opting for that larger look for a three-stone aesthetic.”

TikTok Trends — Including Mob Wife and Quiet Luxury — Are Influencing Engagement Rings (4)

Some jewelers are seeing the mob wife aesthetic also influence wedding band preferences, which some companies say are now being purchased at the same time as engagement rings. Jewelers explained the mob wife aesthetic has increased popularity in wider eternity wedding bands, specifically with emerald cut diamonds.

While most trends on social media are fleeting,quiet luxury and the mob wife aesthetic are impacting engagement rings because they are open to personal interpretation, jewelers said, encouraging experimentation while giving brides visual examples to work from.

“People want to have a ring that’s unique to them, but they don’t want to stray too far,” said Gerstein. “They’re thinking of themselves in 10 years, like am I still going to like this style? Social [media] nudges you forward in a way, but at the end of the day, the bride is still making sure that it’s going to fit their own personal preference, but it’s hard not to be influenced by what you see out in the wild. Whether it’s something you’re hopefully going to have for many years, decades or potentially a lifetime.”

Both social media-inspired styles may cycle out by next year, however, trends that promote individuality and timelessness typically hold their longevity.

“It just shows that there’s so much fun to be had,” said Buckley Kayel. “If you’re seeing both those trends, it’s just saying that there really is something for everyone and that there are no rules. You can personalize on either end and the options in between are really vast.”

TikTok Trends — Including Mob Wife and Quiet Luxury — Are Influencing Engagement Rings (2024)


What is the new engagement ring trend? ›

Similar to diamond alternative engagement rings, soon-to-be-weds are expected to lean into their personal styles by opting for unique engagement ring designs that defy tradition (think: bezel settings, Art-Deco designs, and nontraditional diamond shapes, like trillion and hexagon stones).

Who started the engagement ring trend? ›

The first well-documented use of a diamond ring to signify engagement was by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the imperial court of Vienna in 1477, upon his betrothal to Mary of Burgundy. This then influenced those of higher social class and of significant wealth to give diamond rings to their loved ones.

What is the most desired engagement ring? ›

1. Round Engagement Rings. Round cut diamond engagement rings are chosen because of their brilliance, clarity, and shape. The cut of a round diamond allows it to showcase its brilliance and color more than any other diamond shape and because of this, they are the most expensive shape.

What is the trend in engagement rings in 2024? ›

“The allure of fancy-cut center diamonds is undeniable in 2024, with emerald and oval cuts taking center stage,” wrote Tacori Head of Design Nadine Tacorian Azerounian in her recent trends report. “The elongated silhouettes of these two shapes exude a sense of refined elegance and create a striking visual impact.

What is the trend in rings in 2024? ›

Pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings are one of our favourite trends for 2024, as they offer a distinctive and feminine look that makes a statement. Whether it's blue sapphire, pink morganite, or green emerald, they can be made to match any colour palette.

What makes a classy engagement ring? ›

A classy engagement ring typically features a timeless design, high-quality materials such as platinum or gold, and a well-cut, sparkling diamond or gemstone. It reflects elegance and simplicity, with a focus on enduring style rather than trendiness.

Where do guys usually hide engagement rings? ›

Where to hide an engagement ring: High Up. This is always a safe bet for hiding the ring particularly if your girlfriend is of the vertically challenged variety! Think of places that might be out of reach for her, perhaps in a top box, above cabinets or even in the ceiling.

What is the golden rule for engagement rings? ›

Traditional belief (especially in western countries) is that a groom-to-be must spend his 1-3 months' salary on engagement ring.

Does the Bible say anything about wedding rings? ›

Rings represent commitment, as in the Prodigal Son parable when the father gave his son a ring representing his full acceptance back into the family. However, nowhere in Scripture are believers commanded to wear wedding rings. The Bible emphasizes inner qualities like love and faithfulness far above outward symbols.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring traditionally? ›

According to the classic engagement ring cost rule, you should spend three months' salary on an engagement ring for your loved one – after all, they'll be wearing that ring for the rest of their life.

How big is Blake Lively's engagement ring? ›

Blake Lively's

Just a casual 12-carat oval diamond ring from Ryan Reynolds is what Blake Lively sports on her ring finger each and every day. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, this pink diamond is estimated just over $2 million.

What makes a ring look expensive? ›

Choosing colored stones over a single, larger diamond works effectively at making your engagement ring look expensive. Colored diamonds are not just beautiful and unique but also easily grab attention. Their bright color gives a beautiful look to your fingers as well as the ring and makes the ring look expensive.

Is $5000 alot for an engagement ring? ›

Whether $5000 is considered a lot for an engagement ring depends on individual perspectives and financial circ*mstances. In general, it's a reasonable budget that provides a variety of attractive options.

Is $4000 too much for an engagement ring? ›

Average cost of an engagement ring

That's also where the average cost of a wedding is high. Midwestern couples spent the least, averaging around $5,200 for a ring. And despite the $6,000 national average, about 1 in 3 couples spent between $1,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring.

What is the diamond setting for 2024? ›

Best Engagement Rings Styles and Settings Guide for 2024
  • VINTAGE BANDS STYLES. In the place of classic engagement rings, the popularity of glamorous vintage bands has been the rise. ...

What is the diamond shape for 2024? ›

In 2024, the diamond shapes that truly stand out are the round brilliants and elegant elongated cuts like oval, pear, and emerald. While round diamonds remain incredibly popular, there's room for other shapes to shine. Following the round brilliants, elongated cuts are the most sought-after this year.

What is the most popular diamond cut in 2024? ›

Top 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes of 2024
  1. Round Brilliant Diamond Cut. Undoubtedly, the round brilliant diamond reigns supreme in 2024. ...
  2. Princess Cut Diamond. ...
  3. Oval Cut Diamond. ...
  4. Emerald Cut Diamond. ...
  5. Cushion Cut. ...
  6. Marquise Cut. ...
  7. Pear Shaped. ...
  8. Asscher Cut.
Jan 12, 2024

How much does the average engagement ring cost in 2024? ›

In 2024, the average cost of an engagement ring danced around the ballpark of $5,000 to $7,000 USD. However, bear in mind that this figure isn't etched in stone; it can vary widely depending on where you are and what your heart desires.

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