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by Brandon Lee Tenney
September 9, 2009

A response to Disney's acquisition of Marvel maybe? It seems that DC Comics properties are finally going to see the same kind of structure and stability that Marvel has displayed over the past few years, as Warner Bros. Entertainment as created a brand-spankin'-new company, dubbed DC Entertainment Inc., that will "fully realize the power and value of the DC Comics brand and characters across all media and platforms." Or so the press release says. DC Entertainment is to be run by Diane Nelson, former president of Warner Premiere (the studio's direct-to-video arm) that cranked out quite a few movies based on DC properties.

Paul Levitz, president and publisher of DC Comics since 2002, is to become a writer and consultant for DC Entertainment after a new executive publisher is found, according to Nikki Finke. This restructuring, however, will not have Levitz reporting directly to Nelson, though how much control and to what depth his consultation will reach is as of yet unknown. With Disney snatching Marvel just a little over a week ago, the DC Comics/Warner Bros relationship may have found its own sense of stability with this news.

Often plagued by studio interference, the starting and stopping of scripts in the works, and without any solid DC franchises, save Batman, the creation of DC Entertainment is looking to rectify this -- and fast. Already DC Comics' Jonah Hex has wrapped shooting and Green Lantern is set to shoot this spring, but DC is still a far-cry away from Marvel's stranglehold on the comic book-movie genre. Perhaps under the fixated umbrella of DC Entertainment, DC Comics can more equally compete with Marvel in theaters. Though, as a branch of Warner Bros, it's as of yet unknown if WB will be as hands-off as Disney has promised for Marvel, or if DC Entertainment will hold as much control as Marvel did when they were self-financed.

Regardless, it is still exciting to see Warner Bros making a strategic and bold move with DC. Now let's roll these franchises out. Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Justice League -- I'm looking at all of you to follow in the footsteps of Nolan's uber-successful Batman franchise. What do all of you think of this news?

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I can understand it, but it's a bit 'lame'.

Robbie on Sep 9, 2009


it doesnt matter DC isnt as good as marvel...in every aspect (characters, story, etc...)

ray on Sep 9, 2009


Just as long as they do as you say, and dont pull some Spider-man, or X-men crap, I'll be rootin for em. Cause, frankly, each comic book has potential to be Oscar nomination materiel (or just a good FILM) as long as it's written/directed/shot/acted well. None of this "oh lets see how much money we can squeeze out of the summer" train of thought - ie: "Hollywooding out"

Chris on Sep 9, 2009


DC and Warner have been together for years. DC Entertainment is simply a measure to help organize the cluttered mess over there. Warner has always been there every step of the way.Marvel Studios, on the other hand, has already DIRECTLY made a couple films and are working on all the other ones that we've been hearing about, with Paramount signed on for distribution. Despite being acquired by Disney, Paramount is still under contract to distribute the upcoming films Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor. Once those movies have been distributed, Disney takes over distribution.DC isn't really trying to copy Marvel, they're just trying to get their act together under a central title company.

Chris H. on Sep 9, 2009


What's wrong Ray, got a little sand in your vagina?

Nemo on Sep 9, 2009


batman 3 first please

jono on Sep 9, 2009


#2 get the fuck outta here. Marvel has put out ONE decent movie: Iron Man. They sold their souls a long time ago.

sean on Sep 9, 2009


I hope DC's franchises finally get off the ground and we finally get to see these stories on the big screen.

SlashBeast on Sep 9, 2009


some people make me laugh saying DC aint good as Marvel. we all know Marvel has more films then DC but Marvel had alot of bad movies under there beltX-Men: The Last StandDaredevilHulkThe PunisherPunisher WarzoneBlade: TrinityElektraMan-Thing (straight to video LOL)Ghost RiderFantastic FourFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferSpider-Man 3X-Men Origins: Wolverine (yes even Wolverine is bad plus instead of Deadpool we get Baraka-Pool WTF)Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk is there best movies plus Blade 1 & 2, X-Men 1 & 2, Spider 1 and 2 also good movies. the rest of Marvel movies are worthless.

tazz on Sep 9, 2009


Marvel's only made ONE great film - Iron Man.Spider-Man was a cheesy mess, X-Men should be retitled 'Wolverine', Hulk still looks like green Play-Do, Blade was hit and miss, Fantastic Four sucked, Punisher failed 3 times.I say there's a lot of potential for Marvel to lose it's grip.

1-7 on Sep 9, 2009


^^^Yes. And say what you want about Superman Returns, but it easily outshines more than half of Marvel's film with the airplane scene alone. So, far D.C. is 3 for 3 and Marvel is about 3 for 20.

sean on Sep 9, 2009


The only reason Marvel has a "grip" on comic book films is because they whored out most of their franchises at the first sniff of success.WB and DC are being smart by not rushing and making sure they have a proper gameplan before committing.

Governor on Sep 9, 2009


DC isn't as good as Marvel? Don't make me laugh.Right now, Marvel's misses far exceed their hits on screen.Once WB/DC start putting out their franchises, then we'll talk.

Glass on Sep 9, 2009


To me Marvel is better because its more edgier(sp?) and seems like the world we currently live in. But DC seems classic and nostalgic and always enjoy going back too it.

Klaus on Sep 9, 2009


do people forget that the movie "A History of Violence" is done by Vertigo who is part of DC comics and "Road to Perdition" is done by Paradox Press who is also part of DC ComicsDC Comics has both Superheroes stories and Graphic Novel that done well on film. Marvel only got Iron Man that did well for them everything else are corny.

dan_the_man on Sep 9, 2009


i just have to say RAY ur an idiot!!!!!

Chan on Sep 9, 2009


#14Marvel aint edgier DC is edgier

dan_the_man on Sep 9, 2009


This new branch gives DC the opportunity to finally focus on it's franchises without worrying about WB's other weighted opportunities. This is a step in the right direction.

BookWorm on Sep 9, 2009


In which way are the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man edgy?

Mr. Astronomy on Sep 9, 2009


It really makes me sad that Nolan's Batman just doesn't fit in with the rest of the DC Universe. If they decide to do crossovers, they'll need to - sadly- revamp Batman once again....Or am I exaggerating?

SUPER X II on Sep 9, 2009


It's about time.

Alex T. on Sep 9, 2009


# 20That certainly will be a problem. Almost exactly like the Thor in The Avengers problem Marvel is going to have.However, I don't see it entirely NOT working. It could if they kept within certain perameters.

SlashBeast on Sep 9, 2009


I'm going deep into the future here, but think about this:Justice League vs. The Avengers

CJ on Sep 9, 2009


Blade 2 was good? Sorry man, but 3 was way better, unless you like WWE or F or whatever it's called now.Still, DC's storylines are WAY better than Marvel and I'm neutral. I like both but DC is still more indepth than Marvel which tries with Xmen but it's more confusing and the same thing over and over than actually going in depth in a story. Still, to be bias, I prefer Dark Horse over anything else. lolOk moving on....

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 9, 2009


About freaking time D.C.!!!!!!! It is about time they put a division together to focus solely on their comic properties and get the ball rolling on their future films.Was this in response to Disney buying Marvel...OF COURSE!!!! This is how they run business in the entertainment world...they are not about to let Disney go crazy rake in the dollars and surpass their brand if they can help it so WB has now called on its soldiers to fight back and my response is THANK GOD!!Now maybe we can FINALLY get that "Flash" movie that has been in the tank forever!

Jay on Sep 9, 2009


#23Now THAT is something I'm looking forward to! 😀

giraffic on Sep 9, 2009


Governor, your comments defy all reality. DC has had NO gameplan, and DC entertainment isn't a gameplan. It's a step in the right direction but don't kid yourself. DC has had no direction at all for too long. Those emergency meetings that attempted to get everyone on the same page are still going on. They're getting there, and I hope they eventually make it.While on the other hand Marvel Studios has put together a solid gameplan, though I'm not entirely sure where they're going with Wolverine. The inter-connecting franchises of Hulk and Iron Man will eventually lead into Captain America and Thor connections, then finally an Avengers movie. While releasing sequels for the Avengers movie, sequels for the individual character movies will still be made. It's a longterm goal and a direction that DC needs to establish themselves.The upcoming reboot to the Fantastic Four also suggests that Marvel is looking not only to do their story right, but also to incorporate them into the Avengers universe of films. So Marvel looks as if they are trying to correct the past, now that they have a plan.

Chris H on Sep 9, 2009


No. Marvel is better than DC. BUT I just want Deadpool and Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds to be done in the best way possible. Im looking forward to these two movies alot. And I don't want Disney, 20ths Centry Fox or Warner Bros to mess anything up.LEAVE THE COMIC-BOOK WORLD ALONE!! omg.

Scott on Sep 9, 2009


Jon Hamm as Superman will solve everything.

Jeff on Sep 9, 2009


WB/DC is the future. Marvel had it's chance and well... it wasn't what we (or only I) wanted. Now, they're trying again with The Avengers and their characters separately. But I will always want to see Green Lantern rather than Thor or Captain America, so... like I said, WB/DC is the future. Who wants to see Spider-Man 4 more than Batman 3? I don't.

me on Sep 10, 2009


#27, Chris....one second, the FF reboot....did i miss anything....about your last part of your comment about MARVEL getting their story right with the reboot....from my understanding MARVEL still doesn't and will not have control so how can they incorporate them into the Avengers universe. #23, CJ....i'm DC first MARVEL 2nd so if you ask me that question I say JL over Avengers.....pound for pound it would be interesting to match them up.....naturally i'm saying JL.....I leave my best comeback to MR # 2 RAY......ARE YOU NUTS, DC I WAAAAAY BETTER THEN MARVEL, sorry man, but hey it's good to have everyone's point of view...but like someone mentioned, DC does have more then comic book heroes, they also have kick ass graphic novels.....I'm glad DC put together this division, it helps straighten out the plans and goals......let's get it going guys....

BLUE & ORANGE NY on Sep 10, 2009


dc vs marvel debate the best dc films are the following superman the movie,superman 2,superman returns,batman,batman returns,batman begins,the dark knight & the watchmen.marvel films are the following blade,spider-man,spider-man 2,iron-man,incredible hulk,x-men & x-men 2.i make that 8 vs 7 films marvel may have the upper hand by the variety of charactors(where dc have 7 of the 8 films involve superman & batman.)dc have jonah hex,green lantern,deadman,lobo & captain marvel on the way.marvel have iron man 2,captain america,thor,avengers,wolverine 2,deadpool,spider- man 4,5,& 6.unless dc make the flash,wonder woman,justice league,another batman & another superman.could be a clean sweep at marvel.lets just hope both companies still produce good comic book fillms & stay faithful to the source material they are based on.

zetsu on Sep 10, 2009


Man, a lot of bitter DC fanboys here taking shots at Marvel lol

Daas on Sep 10, 2009


# 27 - Chris HApparently you're incapable of reading.Read my actual post:"WB and DC are being smart by not rushing and making sure they have a proper gameplan before committing."Nowhere did I say that they HAVE a gameplan. I said they're waiting to develop one.You're tirade is invalidated.

Governor on Sep 10, 2009


has anyone noticed that our preferences for d.c. to marvel are much like the political status of this country? iS IT IMPOSSIBLE TO LOVE BOTH?! Yes, I too hate most of marvel's movies. That's not to say that d.c. is incapable of flops..... But The dark knight was a game changer, on both sides of the coin. I look forward to this warner bros. becasue warner's knows film! I'm excited for the disney marvel merger, becasue I would love to see pixar throw their hat in the ring. Endless possibilities.........

indyjack on Sep 10, 2009


I am a fan of both DC and Marvel. Although I do prefer DC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of you are forgetting that Fox owns the options to Xmen (inlcuding the character of Wolverine.. why do you think it still didn't reach it's potential) Daredevil (might be expired by now) and Fantastic Four. Who do you think had creative control..It was FOX at the end of the day funding a cash strapped Marvel Comics who sold off a bunch of characters in the 90's to studios so they could make money. I think Sony had Spiderman and Universal had both Hulk's. WB learned their lesson with Batman Forever and Batman and Robin by meddling too much. They are taking their time and will benefit from this. FOX has never and will never learn their lesson, they are the ones wanting to reboot Fantastic Four franchise so they don't lose the option to the characters because now that Marvel is succesfull they don't want to give them any more. Until those franchises are back fully in Marvel's hands.. we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I believe Iron Man has been the only movie that was actually pumped out from the independant Marvel Studios !? C'mon Batman 3!!!!

stuffrocks on Sep 10, 2009


Governor,Perhaps you should read your own post again. You make the arguement as follows:Marvel's success in the movie industry is due to whoring out their characters.DC is smart because they are not rushing without a gameplan.My arguement:Marvel's success (right now) is due to a solid gameplan that is longterm and cohesive. If you take away what is happening right now and stop at the end of the whoring phase of Marvel's movie making history the list would end with Spiderman 3 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Hardly what I would judge as success and suggested Marvel was crashing fast in the movie industry. The optimism and excitement right now surrounding Marvel movies is entirely due to the structured plan they have in place.DC isn't smart, they're too disorganized to even make movies at the whore pace Marvel once did. Movie projects like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and others haven't been dropped repeatedly over the years because they were waiting for the grand plan to be formed, it was insurmountable chaos in DC and Warner that kept killing the projects. You mistake incompetence with organization and structured planning. My arguements are entirely valid when you use a little thought.#31 - To answer your question the current contract with Fox for Fantastic Four ends around 2010. It was my understanding that FF4 wasn't going to be in the first Avengers movie, but was a franchise Marvel hoped to include later. Reed Richards plays a critical part in the Marvel universe, so they want him available in the future. Even if Fox gets an extension for the reboot, the first Avengers movie won't come out until 2011 or 2012. A sequel won't be made until at least 2 years later. If the movie were made right now? Yeah there would be a problem. But it won't be a problem when the time comes to incorporate them into the storyline... if that is indeed the plan.

Chris H on Sep 10, 2009


I hope with this new company they can finally do a superman sequel and try to a justice league film. Oh at @9 you made a pretty good point about your list. I personally thought that Spiderman 3, X3, Fantastic Four 1, and wolverine wasnt that bad. if certain elements in the films were different they would have been better. the other movies were just straight up garbage.

Q on Sep 10, 2009


#37 - Chris HYou keep making strawman fallacies and addressing arguments I never made. I never stated that Marvel never had a gameplan. The only reason they have a hold on the comic book film industry is because they whored out their properties. You keep stating that DC doesn't have a gameplan when the article directly states that they do. Please stop embarassing yourself.

Governor on Sep 11, 2009


Just as long as they put Superman in a black leather outfit (the latest plan). This will make him more "real" and "cool", since many fanboys want their movies about people who fly, turn green and strong, burst into flame and wear magic rings to be real...and cool, I guess. Oh yeah, "dark" too.The toilet-training level magazine Wizard, ostensibly about comics and related subjects, says they should dump costumes--the ones they always put on their covers-- in superhero movies because they don't look real. OK.Boys, I hate to tell ya--the costumes are the brand, most superheros aren't "dark" and not one of them is "real."Bring on the capes and masks!

zubzwank on Sep 12, 2009

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